Changing text (translations)

You can change or translate any text in the Pulter uploader flow. You can see all the translation keys below
uploadStep: {
title: 'Upload file',
manifestTitle: 'Data that we expect:',
'(You will have a chance to rename or remove columns in next steps)',
maxRecordsExceeded: (maxRecords) =>
`Too many records. Up to ${maxRecords} allowed`,
dropzone: {
title: 'Upload .xlsx, .xls or .csv file',
errorToastDescription: 'upload rejected',
activeDropzoneTitle: 'Drop file here...',
buttonTitle: 'Select file',
loadingTitle: 'Processing...',
selectSheet: {
title: 'Select the sheet to use',
nextButtonTitle: 'Next',
selectHeaderStep: {
title: 'Select header row',
nextButtonTitle: 'Next',
matchColumnsStep: {
title: 'Match Columns',
nextButtonTitle: 'Next',
userTableTitle: 'Your table',
templateTitle: 'Will become',
selectPlaceholder: 'Select column...',
ignoredColumnText: 'Column ignored',
subSelectPlaceholder: 'Select...',
matchDropdownTitle: 'Match',
unmatched: 'Unmatched',
duplicateColumnWarningTitle: 'Another column unselected',
duplicateColumnWarningDescription: 'Columns cannot duplicate',
validationStep: {
title: 'Validate data',
nextButtonTitle: 'Confirm',
noRowsMessage: 'No data found',
noRowsMessageWhenFiltered: 'No data containing errors',
discardButtonTitle: 'Discard selected rows',
filterSwitchTitle: 'Show only rows with errors',
alerts: {
confirmClose: {
headerTitle: 'Exit import flow',
bodyText: 'Are you sure? Your current information will not be saved.',
cancelButtonTitle: 'Cancel',
exitButtonTitle: 'Exit flow',
configIssue: {
headerTitle: 'Issue with Importer',
bodyText: 'Please check your importer configuration and make sure all required props are set.',
cancelButtonTitle: 'Cancel',
exitButtonTitle: 'Exit flow',
submitIncomplete: {
headerTitle: 'Errors detected',
'There are still some rows that contain errors. Rows with errors will be ignored when submitting.',
bodyTextSubmitForbidden: 'There are still some rows containing errors.',
cancelButtonTitle: 'Cancel',
finishButtonTitle: 'Submit',
submitcomplete: {
headerTitle: 'Import Completed',
'You have successfully imported your data',
cancelButtonTitle: 'Cancel',
finishButtonTitle: 'Done',
unmatchedRequiredFields: {
headerTitle: 'Not all columns matched',
'There are required columns that are not matched or ignored. Do you want to continue?',
listTitle: 'Columns not matched:',
cancelButtonTitle: 'Cancel',
continueButtonTitle: 'Continue',
toast: {
error: 'Error',